Stamps East is the online Canadian source for information about stamps and other philatelic items from the People's Republic of China (China, PRC) and other stamp issuing jurisdictions in Asia particularly East Asia.

These pages have information about the issues of the People's Republic of China. As you can see from the index on the left, there is not detailed information about every issue for every year at this site. That would take at least a very large book. You should refer to catalogues from major companies or use the information in the China Post catalogues. These pages offer much more information than an illustration, basic facts and an image.

What is presented here is information about the reasons why stamps were issued, who designed them and some of the cultural background for each issue reported. Much of the information here is also available in various issues of The China Clipper which is the bimonthly publication of the China Stamp Society. I strongly urge you to join the society whether you collect stamps from the People's Republic, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Imperial China, the Republic of China (1911 – 1949), Manchukuo or any of the Occupied or Liberated areas of China (1937 – 1949). The membership fee is not large, the benefits are very large.

If we have items for sale they will be offered on eBay. This site is information about stamps issued by the People's Republic of China. From time to time there will information about stamps and other items of philatelic interest from other jurisdictions in East Asia.

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