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Authentication of Chinese Stamps

We endeavour to identify all items for sale as accurately as possible. However some items are particularly difficult to identify precisely, particularly stamps in China during the 1930s and 1940s. This was a time of great social upheaval in China. Various factions fought over control over most of the country. Many of the factions issued postage stamps or surcharged and / or overprinted stamp stocks from previous regimes. In addition to the civil war and local warlords Japan invaded China starting with the North East (Manchuria) and moving down the coast through Hong Kong and into South East Asia.

The two main Chinese groups, the Nationalists and the Communists, had (and have) different names for the same parts of the country. The civil war and the war against the Japanese were accompanied by enormous currency inflation and currency revaluation. When parts of the country changed hands, stamps issued by the opposing side were no longer valid and new issues were printed or old issued were overprinted or surcharged. When inflation got out of hand (at times it cost up to one million to send a letter), then currency was revalued and again new issues were printed or old issued were overprinted or surcharged.

Because this was a time of war, getting accurate records about postage stamps is not easy. Because of the confusion and the lack of information there are a significant number of forgeries of stamps from this era. Some of these forgeries are extremely good, some are objects of interest for some collectors. The best protection a collector has is good reference books. A standard generalist catalogue is not sufficient, a serious collector of this period must invest in some specialist books.

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