Stamps East The online Canadian source for stamps and other philatelic items from the People's Republic of China (China, PRC), the Republic of China (Taiwan, ROC), and other stamp issuing jurisdictions in Asia particularly East Asia.

Buying and Selling Stamps

It is our business to buy and sell postage stamps from various countries of Asia, particularly East Asia. Because it is our business (not a hobby) we cannot purchase stamps at the same price as we sell them. We need to make a profit in order to stay in business serving you, our customers. Values for stamps in printed catalogues are what a customer can expect to pay to purchase a particular stamp. In order to make a reasonable profit a stamp retailer (like Stamps East) must purchase stamps at considerably lower price than they are sold for.

If you are considering selling part or all of your collection do not simply add up the catalogue values of all your stamps and then assume this is the value of your collection. We can call this value the book value. This might be the value you insure your collection for, since this book value is its replacement value. However it is extremely unrealistic to assume this is the amount of money you would receive if you were to sell your collection. A dealer will take into account a number of factors before giving you an offer to purchase.

Once you calculate the book value, then you can estimate what it might earn when sold. Assuming you have identified all your collection accurately, and in general your collection is in excellent condition, you can expect to receive 10% – 50% of the book value. The extremes, 10% and 50% of book value, would be unusual. The middle of the range, 20% – 40% of book value, is normal.

For information about individual orders, including delivery times and returns, contact quoting your order number if possible.

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