Stamps East The online Canadian source for stamps and other philatelic items from the People's Republic of China (China, PRC), the Republic of China (Taiwan, ROC), and other stamp issuing jurisdictions in Asia particularly East Asia.

Catalogue Prices

Standard catalogue prices (e.g. Scott's, Gibbons') are estimates of the current value of a stamp based on historical trends and recent sales, including auctions. For rare items a catalogue price represents a reasonable estimate of the market value of a particular stamp if it were to be sold. This price is not necessarily the price a purchaser will pay. Any particular copy of a stamp may cost more or less than the current catalogue value. It is almost always not the price a seller will receive. In all cases the condition of the stamp and current market conditions have to be taken into account.

In the case of common items there is usually a minimum value placed on them by each commercial catalogue publisher. This is not their value. It represents an estimate of the minimum cost for selling an item which is so common it has little or no intrinsic value at the moment.

Stamps East prices are regularly compared with standard commercial catalogue prices as well as current auctions. We believe our prices are no higher than any other seller and will normally be lower. The service we offer our customers is equal to the best in the business.

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