This particular part of the catalogue is somewhat mixed. After the death of Sun Yat-Sen in 1925, most of China experienced at least some form of civil war or invasion until the Communists took control of the entire country by the middle of 1949. The designation "Liberated Areas" refers to areas the Communists "liberated" from the Nationalists and / or the Japanese. During this period, early 1930s to late 1940s, many parts of China changed hands several times. A Liberated Area one week might be in the control of the Nationalists the next week. Those areas that had reasonably stable government for a good length of time needed postage stamps. Some areas issued their own, a couple of areas were allowed to continue printing and using their own stamps for more than one year after the Commnists became the central government in 1949. Other areas put their own imprints (overprints and surcharges) on stamps from other jurisdictions. Some areas did both.

Stamps in this category are particularly difficult to identify for collectors who do not understand Chinese characters.

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