From time to time we may purchase collections that contain stamps from areas other than our area of expertise. In such cases we offer these stamps to our customers. On this page you will find links to what we have to offer if we have anything to offer outside of our main interest.

We have various offerings from different jurisdictions in various price ranges. What we sell is dependent on what is available in the market. We do not always have material from every every area. However we offer a good selection, reasonable prices and prompt delivery to all our customers.

Stamps East is the online Canadian source for stamps and other philatelic items from the People's Republic of China (China, PRC), the Republic of China (Taiwan, ROC), and other stamp issuing jurisdictions in Asia particularly East Asia.

We guarantee our material is as described. And we guarantee you will be pleased with your purchase. If you are not happy with what you have bought, you can return it for full refund, less any shipping and handling charges. (The material must be returned to us in the same condition as it was when we sold it.) Any material that is not as described may be returned for a full refund, including shipping and handling charges. Please read our returns policy.

All our stamps are compared with current catalogues and other printed resources. They are identified and labelled carefully. However many issues from eastern Asia are difficult to identify precisely, even with years of experience. In addition there are a significant number of excellent forgeries on the market for many of the scarcest and most valuable stamps. Some stamps are difficult to identify precisely. In these cases, the stamps will be labelled accordingly in the listings.

Every attempt is made to ensure the colour of the image on the site matches the colour of the stamp for sale. However monitors are notorious for not displaying colours consistently. What may look like a perfect match on one screen may be significantly different on another. These discrepencies may cause some collectors to misunderstand what stamp is being offered. It is not our intention to deceive anyone. Please put more emphasis on the description than on the colour when identifying stamps on the site. If you are not happy with what you have bought for any reason, you can return it for full refund, less any shipping and handling charges.